Aufgabe 1
Lesen Sie den Text. Wählen Sie die richtige Form aus.
Anne: “I to Moscow.”
Peter: “I there last summer.”
Anne: “Your Russian is fantastic. about studying there?”
Peter: “Yes, of course. I the application forms a month ago.”
Anne: “By the way, Mary for over a week. I her since her birthday.”
Peter: “Well, actually she her new job last Monday and that`s why she very busy this week.”
Aufgabe 2
Hören Sie sich den Text an und wählen Sie die richtige Antwort aus.
How long has the company been making whiskey?
What has happened to the number of countries the distillery exports to?
Aufgabe 3
Lesen Sie den Text. Wählen Sie die richtige Form aus.
There are a lot of rules everywhere.
At school you
turn off your mobiles.
In parks and gardens you pick flowers.
At home you lie to your parents.
If you break your leg, you stay in bed.
You disturb your sister when she`s working.
In a library you be quiet.
You be late for work.
If you are in time, you run.
Aufgabe 4
Lesen Sie den Text. Wählen Sie die richtige Form aus.
The classical concert last week was very . We had seats than last year. But they were than we had expected. I could hear very , but I couldn`t see . The pianist played , but the choir sang really . Many people waited in the queue, but unfortunately, they didn`t get tickets anymore.
Aufgabe 5
Hören Sie sich den Text an und wählen Sie die richtige Antwort aus.
Where are the leaders of the G8 countries meeting right now?
What did the French finance minister say about the first day of the meeting?
Aufgabe 6
New Zealand - a few facts and figures
New Zealand is a member of the Commonwealth and it is a parliamentary monarchy with the Queen as the head of state. The crown is represented by the Governor-General, who is also a member of the government. Laws are made by the Parliament that is elected for a period of three years. Wellington is the capital city and the second largest metropolitan area. Because New Zealand is so isolated from the rest of the world it has a lot of plants and wildlife that you will not find anywhere else. More than 20% of the country is covered by rain forests.The official language is English, although the native inhabitants make up 10% of the population. The social situation of the Maori people is quite stable. New Zealand has got a total population of around 4 million, with over 70% of the people living on the warmer subtropical North Island.
Lesen Sie den Text durch und wählen Sie die richtige Antwort aus.
Where does the majority of the inhabitants live?
How many people are Maori?
Aufgabe 7
Lesen Sie den Text. Wählen Sie die richtige Form aus.
Susan is a good friend of . She never had own flat. One day she got the address of a flat from a neighbour of . She went there and after a viewing she decided to take the flat. That`s why she was very excited because she soon wanted to say: “This is flat.” The owners said: “If you want it, it`s ,” and took the contract from desk. “All right. Now it`s ,” she thought. Unfortunately, the rent for the flat was so high that she decided to stay at home and live with us for the next few years.
Aufgabe 8
Lesen Sie den Text durch und ziehen Sie die passenden Formulierungen in die Lücken.
A lot of famous designers to the Fashion Week every year.
Nowadays most clothes by the designers themselves.
Teenagers like to wear clothes which by young fashion students because they are cheaper and more creative.
Unfortunately, their work by the fashion world.
These clothes by everybody.
Last year the first collections of fashion students by important fashion magazines.
We hope that more and more new designs at future fashion shows and that this trend by the fashion industry.
Aufgabe 9
Steve Jobs and Apple
As a young man he looked far into the future and knew he had to make technology for everybody. That is why he thought Apple was the right brand name. He felt that this simple name would help people trust the new technology he was about to introduce to the world. He decided to attract young people because they were the customers of the future and his strategy was always to sell exciting, high-end products at a high price and profit. Steve Jobs saw clearly that brands are part of our culture and everyday lives and that everything a brand does is an ad - positive or negative - for that brand. Apple`s customers are in a constant dialogue with Apple`s products. They discover more and more clever functions as they use them. They can tell Apple about any problems and get regular updates to fix them. Steve Jobs left Apple in 1985 to make films and returned in 1997 when the company was fighting to survive. He rebuilt the brand and introduced a series of new products for example the iPhone and the iPad.
Lesen Sie den Text durch und wählen Sie die richtige Antwort aus.
Why was Apple the right name for his technology?
Who did Steve Jobs want to be the buyers of Apple`s products?
Aufgabe 10
Lesen Sie den Text. Wählen Sie die richtige Form aus.
A: “I am going out with my cousin at the weekend.”
B: “But you said you
out with your sister.”
A: “Sarah went to bed late so she is too tired to go out.”
B: “That`s a pity. Steve said Sarah
to bed very early.”
A: “By the way, Steve has promised to help me with my computer.”
B: “Oh, really? But he said he
to go on a bike tour with his parents.”
A: “Did he work at the supermarket all day on Thursday?”
B: “Sorry, I wasn`t listening.”
A: “I wanted to know if he
at the supermarket all day on Thursday.”
B: “I am not sure. But don`t forget your mobile when you go out.”
A: “Right your mother also wants you
your mobile when you go out. And what about Tina?”
B: “She told me that she
Cathy on Sunday.”
A: “Only on Sunday? Does that mean she has already spent all her pocket money?”
B: “Unfortunately, she said that she
all the money on clothes.“
A: “Oh, perhaps she wants to have dinner with us?”
B: “No, probably not because she said that she
to have dinner at all. She would like to lose some weight because of the new clothes.”
Aufgabe 11
Hören Sie sich den Text an und wählen Sie die richtige Antwort aus.
Which language is the official one of India?
How many people live in India and how will India`s population have grown by 2030?
Aufgabe 12
Ordnen Sie die Textteile richtig zu.
If I had been in Berlin,
Sandra might possibly be at the barbecue. If I see her,
If I were you,
All my friends would laugh at me
If the weather is fine,
We could have bought more vegetables for our vegetarians
If we hadn`t invited so many vegetarians
The recipe is a secret, but I`ll tell you
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