Aufgabe 1
Where are you from?
Excuse me, are you Andrew?
How are you?
Is Paula from France?
What's your surname?
What's the time?
Is the meeting on Tuesday?
Verbinden Sie die Fragen und Antworten miteinander.
Yes, she is.
No, it's on Wednesday.
It's Blair.
No, I'm not. I'm John.
See you!
I'm from London.
I'm fine, thanks.
It's two o'clock.
Aufgabe 2
Sehen Sie das Bild an. Wählen Sie den richtigen Satz aus.
This is …
They have …
Aufgabe 3
Lesen Sie den Text. Wählen Sie die richtige Form aus.
Hello! name is Annie.
from England. I' married. My name is Tom. We have children. But we three cats and dog. What's name and are you from?
Aufgabe 4
Hören Sie sich den Text an und wählen Sie die richtige Antwort aus.
Welcher Satz ist richtig?
Welcher Satz ist richtig?
Aufgabe 5
  • Customer: Here you are.
  • Customer: White, please.
  • Assistant: That's four pounds ninety, please.
  • Assistant: Sure. Black or white?
  • Assistant: Two white coffees. What's your table number?
  • Assistant: Can I help you?
  • Customer: It's number eight. How much is that?
  • Customer: Yes, can I have two coffees, please?
Bringen Sie die Textteile in die richtige Reihenfolge.
Aufgabe 6
How about
Can you
What time do
How old
Ordnen Sie die Textteile richtig zu.
you like white chocolate?
are your children?
repeat that, please?
Anna like green tea?
do you work?
afternoon tea on Saturday?
your birthday?
you have breakfast at weekends?
Aufgabe 7
Ordnen Sie die Bilder und Sätze einander zu.
There's a department store near here.
My husband is very patient when I go shopping.
That's a lovely jacket. It's really smart!
Are these your keys?
Aufgabe 8
Elizabeth at half past seven in the morning. She always a shower in the morning. She often to the radio in the morning. After breakfast, she often the morning papers. She often her dogs in the morning. She usually work at about 7pm. In the evening, she sometimes television. She always writes her diary before she to bed.
Vervollständigen Sie den Lückentext mit den richtigen Elementen.
gets up
Aufgabe 9
Lesen Sie den Text. Wählen Sie die richtige Form aus.
Dear Sir / Madam,
some information about Cambridge please. We'd like to go a river tour. you send some information about it? We'd also like to go to the theatre. What's the way to get there from the city centre? Can we get there bus? And where can we book tickets? Can we buy online? And where is place to have afternoon tea?
Thank you for your help,
Best wishes,
Alex Mutch

Aufgabe 10
What size is this sweater?
Can I help you?
Does this bus go to the shopping centre?
What's the best way to get to the city centre?
How about eating out at this restaurant?
How much are these boxes of chocolates?
Which umbrella is more expensive?
Have you got this T-shirt in red?
Verbinden Sie die Fragen und Antworten miteinander.
Yes, it does.
The red one.
No, sorry, we only have it in green.
The quickest way is by tram.
It's large.
I think the one on King Street is nicer.
No thanks, I'm just looking.
They're eight pounds each.
Aufgabe 11

Dear Grandma,
We’re back from China! The flight was a bit boring, but it was an amazing holiday! The hotel was excellent. It wasn’t modern, but our room was nice and there was a big balcony. The people in the hotel were very friendly, too!
There were lots of day trips from the hotel. They weren’t cheap, but they were very good. The best one was a trip to the Great Wall. It was great! We have hundreds of photos! Hope to see you soon. Then we can tell you all about it!
Lots of love,

Lesen Sie den Text durch und wählen Sie die richtige Antwort aus.
Jane liked her room at the hotel. It had a big balcony.
The day trips were expensive and they were quite boring.
Aufgabe 12

Which question completes the dialogue?

Lesen Sie den Text durch und wählen Sie die richtige Antwort aus.
A Were you at Paul's party last weekend?
B Yes, I was.
A __________________________?
B No, they weren’t. They were on holiday.
A Where were you last week?
B We were on holiday in Sardinia!
A Really! __________________________?
B It was fantastic. It was sunny and warm every day!
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