Aufgabe 1
First name: Michael
Town/City: Scarborough
Country: Canada
Telephone number: +1 416-588-4171
E-mail address:
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16 Chiefswood Square
M1W 3E8
Aufgabe 2
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Excuse me, what’s the time please?
Aufgabe 3

About me – Ian Morrison

I live in London with my wife, Ute. She’s from Germany. She can speak English, but I can’t speak German … well, I can – a bit. We’ve got two sons and a daughter. I’ve got a brother and a sister. They live in Australia.

Our parents live in Ireland. We visit them three times a year. They come to London to visit us too.

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Ian is married and has got three children.
His parents live in
Aufgabe 4
Lisa: Let’s meet for coffee this week.
Jill: Sure! When have you got time?
Lisa: How about Wednesday?
Jill: Yes, but in the morning, not in the .
Lisa: OK. Can you make it 10.30?
Jill: Perfect! At Daisy’s café?
Lisa: Yes! See then.
Jill: Great, bye.
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Aufgabe 5
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Dave lives in a big house with a nice garden.
Dave’s got a TV in his bedroom.
Aufgabe 6
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Claus: Where you live?
Gwynedd: I live in Llangollen.
Claus: Llangollen? that?
Gwynedd: It’s a small town in Wales. It’s about 150 miles north of Cardiff.
Claus: Llangollen like?
Gwynedd: Well, it’s a small – only about 3,500 people live there.
Claus: And what is there to in Llangollen?
Gwynedd: Not a lot! some shops and pubs.
But there aren’t any nightclubs. There’s
castle nearby! Llangollen is small, but it’s nice!
Aufgabe 7
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A vegetarian can eat
There is no fish in
Aufgabe 8
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Sir and Madam
I would like to book a single room with en-suite facilities for 3 nights from 12 – 15 July. Please could you let me know if a room is available?
very much.
Julian Day
Aufgabe 9
Hören Sie sich Shonas Geschichte an. Wählen Sie die richtigen Antworten aus.
Shona was born
Claire was
Aufgabe 10
Erica: Hi Jamie. Did you have a good weekend?
Jamie: ! I did the cleaning and the ironing.
Erica: !
Jamie: Did you do anything special?
Erica: . My brother and his family visited us. We went to the zoo, we had a picnic, and on Sunday we went for a long walk.
Jamie: . And what are you doing this evening?
Erica: I’m meeting Lena at the pub. come?
Jamie: nice. What time?
Erica: Seven o’clock. We might see a film after.
Jamie: . Well, see you later.
Erica: then.
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Would you like to
You poor thing
That sounds
Yes, we did
Not really
That sounds like fun
Good idea
See you
Aufgabe 11

Hi Liz,

Hope you’re well. We’re on holiday! We’re in Rome at the moment. It’s a very interesting city! On Saturday we’re going to Florence for four days. I’ve been there a few times, but Bob has never been there. We would like to go to Pisa for a day-trip if the weather is good. We usually take a beach holiday. This is our first sightseeing holiday … there’s a lot to see! See you soon!

Anne & Bob

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Anne and Bob often take city holidays.
Anne and Bob
Aufgabe 12
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Memories …
I was born in Basingstoke on 25 August, 1980. In the eighties, my family in a small house with a big garden.
My parents a bakery, and I there in the summers. After school, I an apprenticeship as a salesperson.
I my husband at a party when I was twenty-six,
and we married two years later.
We a small flat in Reading near the city centre,
and we there one year ago. We’re very happy there!
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