Aufgabe 1
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Cynthia is Doug's
Sam and Josie are Cynthia's
Aufgabe 2
Dear Martha,
How are you? I'm doing really well. We visited my son and his family last weekend, after three years! And we had a wonderful time! My granddaughter Sophie is now 10, and she's just beautiful. She's got straight brown hair – to her shoulders, and lovely green eyes. And she's so tall now! Much taller than my daughter's daughter, Julie, who is 12!
I hope you're well. Let's talk soon.
Love, Carol
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Which answer is correct?
Which answer is correct?
Aufgabe 3
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The woman's wearing new shoes.
The man likes Allie's new shoes.
Aufgabe 4
Full name:
ATP Ranking:
Ziehen Sie die passenden Angaben an die richtige Stelle im Formular.
5'10'' / 178 cm
Tampa, Florida, USA
Candice Sanderson
140 lbs / 63.5 kg
September 15, 1987
Aufgabe 5
A: Have you got the time? B: Sorry, I haven't got a .
A: I can't find my reading . B: Here they are.
A: Can I borrow 10 dollars from you? I forgot to bring my .
A: Wow, great photos! B: Thanks! I always take my with me.
A: It's raining. Don't forget to take your . B: Oh, … thanks.
A: Here's my number. B: Thanks. I'll call you later, OK?
A: Atishoo! B: Bless you! Do you need a ?
A: We're having a dinner party on Friday. Would you like to come?
B: I'll just check my . Oh, yes. I'd love to come.
Lesen Sie die Dialoge und ziehen Sie die passenden Wörter in die Lücken.
cell phone
Aufgabe 6
Lesen Sie den Dialog und wählen Sie das passende Wort aus.
K: Great to see you. Glad you could come! P: Thanks for the ! K: Oh, thanks … These roses wonderful. Please, take a seat. Sit where you like.
P: Great! I'm ! C: Can we start? K: Of course. P: Can you pass me the potatoes, please? C: Sure.
P: Would you like a steak? C: No, thanks. I'm not eating
these days.
P: Are you
to lose weight? C: Yeah. Just a few pounds. Would you some more salad? P: Yes, please.
Aufgabe 7
Hören Sie die Wettervorhersage und wählen Sie die richtige Antwort aus.
On Wednesday the weather in Baltimore will be
It might rain on
Aufgabe 8
Hello from San Francisco!
What a great city, but it's so hot! Much hotter than at home – and sunnier too. I've lost my sunglasses, and I forgot my sunscreen in the hotel on the first day. Not good! But I've found something really nice … a wonderful little diner with great American breakfast. It's amazing – you can have your eggs so many different ways. My new favourite thing: eggs sunny-side up! See you next week … with a very red nose!
Love, Ella
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Why does Ella have a red nose?
Ella really likes
Aufgabe 9
  • Have a great time in Munich! See you later.
  • Really? Why?
  • How about spring then? The weather's nice but there aren't as many people.
  • Well, I think the best time to go there is in October.
  • Yes, that's true. Great idea!
  • Because there's a big beer festival. A lot of people go there.
  • What's the best time to visit Munich?
  • Actually, I think I'd prefer to go there when there aren't as many people.
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Aufgabe 10
Hören Sie die Durchsage und wählen Sie die richtige Antwort aus.
The flight to Vancouver
The Manchester flight
Aufgabe 11

Accident report form

Personal details

Name: Rigby, Stella
Address: Lexington Ave 10, Lawrence, KS 66044
Date of Birth: 07/11/1964

Accident record

When did the accident happen?:
Where did the accident happen?:

How did the accident happen?:

Type of injury:
Ziehen Sie die passenden Angaben an die richtige Stelle im Formular.
I had an X-ray.
Put ointment on it.
I fell on the trail.
Brand Park, Glendale
Sprained ankle
Aufgabe 12
Lesen Sie den Dialog. Wählen Sie das passende Wort aus.
Ann: You look really fit. you do a lot of sports?
Paul: Yeah, I
some kind of sport every day.
Ann: Everyday? That's amazing. What sports do you do?
Paul: I
running everyday. And I play baseball twice a week.
Ann: Wow. Have you ever
part in a marathon?
Paul: No, but I might.
Ann: So, what's your favourite sport?
Paul: That's hard to say. I guess it
be baseball.
Ann: Really? And what kinds of sport do you
on TV?
Paul: Well, I love
big league ball games. And I'm also a big wrestling fan.
Ann: Have you ever
to a wrestling event?
Paul: Yeah, I went to one last year. It was great fun!
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