Aufgabe 1
Hören Sie den Dialog und wählen Sie die richtige
Antwort aus.
Paul White is the man
Marie Lewis is the woman
Aufgabe 2
Lesen Sie die Anweisungen und ziehen Sie die passenden Wörter in die Lücken.
You eat chicken raw.
You it.
You to cook carrots.
You them raw or cooked.
You potatoes when they're raw.
You definitely cook them.
You butter when you make a cake –
you also use margarine.
Aufgabe 3
Lesen Sie den Dialog. Wählen Sie das passende Wort aus.
Customer: Can you help me, please? How does this tablet ?
Assistant: It's very simple to use. You use the just like a mouse.
Customer: Ah. I see. And how do I the cursor?
Assistant: You just your finger over the touchpad.
Customer: Right! It really is simple. So how do I a document?
Assistant: Just move the cursor to the document icon and the touchpad once.
Customer: OK, and what's the on the right with the arrow for?
Assistant: You that button to get back to the main menu.
Customer: Ah. I see. Thanks for your help!
Aufgabe 4

Lesen Sie den Reiseprospekt. Wählen Sie das passende Wort aus.
The Sydney Opera House on Bennelong Point in Sydney Harbour, close to the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It was by the Danish architect Jørn Utzon. It is in the shape of a sea-shell. The roof itself mirrors the image of a ship sailing in the harbour and of concrete that looks like white marble. Utzon's design was because of it's creativity and revolutionary style. Construction in 1959 and the building was officially on October 23, 1973. The Sydney Opera House is recognized as one of the world's most distinctive designs and a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007.
Aufgabe 5
Hören Sie den Dialog und wählen Sie die richtige Antwort aus.
The hotel guest specifically asked for
Nobody told the guest that rooms with a sea view weren't guaranteed.
Aufgabe 6

Rock on!!

I only went to see the show because my friend gave me a ticket. To be honest, musicals are not my thing, but this wasn't a typical musical. It was like a rock concert with a story. Actually, I thought it was really good even though it had some strong language in it. The musical told the true-life story of a rock band. It criticised the music business and showed how hard it is for a band to succeed. It was very emotional but there was a happy end. I think the musical had a great message. Don't miss it! Definitely worth going to!

Lesen Sie die Rezension und wählen Sie die richtige Antwort aus.
Which opinion best matches the review?
Which statement best matches the review?
Aufgabe 7
Lesen Sie den Dialog. Wählen Sie das passende Wort aus.
Sue: Are you doing anything tonight?
Amy: No, how about you?
Sue: Me neither. So we go somewhere for dinner?
Amy: Good idea, where you like to go?
Sue: I don't mind. You decide.
Amy: OK, well we either have fish and chips or we have Greek. What you prefer?
Sue: It's up to you. I don't mind.
Amy: In that case, why we have Greek?
Sue: Fine by me. But we probably book a table.
Amy: Good idea. So, I'll book a table at the Real Greek for 7:30.
Sue: Sounds perfect! See you at 7:30.
Aufgabe 8
Much oder many? Ergänzen Sie den Text mit dem richtigen Wort.
Tippen Sie much oder many in die Lücken ein.
Dear Nan,
We've just come back from the most awful holiday ever! We had terrible weather – it was far too cold and there was too rain.
Our hotel wasn't great either. There were too young families with small children … too noise. How was your trip to Venice? Hope it was better than our holiday and there weren't too tourists there this time. Am looking forward to hearing about it.
Lots of love, Lilly

Sonderzeichen, die Sie evt. benötigen

Aufgabe 9
Hören Sie den Dialog und wählen Sie die richtige
Antwort aus.
Choose the correct statement.
Choose the correct statement.
Aufgabe 10
Lesen Sie den Dialog und ziehen Sie die passenden Wörter in die Lücken.
L: Who's that?
J: It's a family we met on a safari. They were from Canada,
, Tom?
T: Yes, they were really nice.
L: And what are they all looking at?
J: It was a herd of zebras, if I remember correctly,?
T: Yes, I think you're right. Or was it lions? I can't remember.
L: And where's that? The mountains are stunning.
T: Yes, they are, ? It's a vineyard in Stellenbosch.
J: So, what do you think? The wine's very good, ?
L: Mmm, delicious. You don't get wines like this here, do you?
T: Well, you can, but usually they're way too expensive.
Aufgabe 11
Bringen Sie den Brief in die richtige Reihenfolge.
Aufgabe 12

Lesen Sie den Beschwerdebrief. Wählen Sie die richtige Form aus.
Dear Sir or Madam,
We've just returned from a holiday at the Hotel Orlando, Florida, which was disappointing for the following reasons:

1) The air conditioning in our room
– we couldn't sleep because it was so hot! A technician came to fix it on the third day, and while he the air conditioning he a call, left … and never came back to finish the job!
2) The other guests were very noisy. One night I
waking up because some of the guests so much noise.
When I the reception to complain, I could hear that the staff a party as well! I complained to your representative and he us to contact you. I expect some compensation for the disappointment we experienced.
Yours faithfully,
Harry Martins
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