Aufgabe 1
Listen and decide which of the three statements describe their weekends best.
Sue's weekend:
Paul's weekend:
Aufgabe 2
Order the sentences correctly.
Aufgabe 3
Match the statements on the left to the ones on the right.
I've always been good at maths but
I've always loved physical education
My favourite subject at school was chemistry.
I'm no good at singing.
When I was at school, I enjoyed things like
I remember physics
One thing I was really good at
I was hopeless at learning English
Aufgabe 4

Compulsory education in the US American school system begins at age 6 and ends at age 18. There are 3 options for schooling in the United States: public, private, or homeschooling. A new type of public school, a charter school, requires admission tests and interviews, but tuition is free. Public schools require parents to pay for books, materials, and lunch, but tuition is still free. Private schools, often affiliated with religious institutions, charge an admission fee and require interviews. Parents who wish to homeschool their kids must usually obtain permission or notify the state.

Read the text and choose the correct answer to the two questions.
Which of the following statements is correct?
Which school can be attended without passing an interview or test of any kind?
Aufgabe 5
Read the text. Choose the correct form.
Vivienne Westwood in Tintwistle in 1941. She at a teacher training college and a primary school teacher.
At the same time she
to produce her own jewelery and fashion designs. Westwood to have invented the punk fashion of the 1970s. Since then she global recognition as a fashion designer and she many designs that have also been featured in TV shows and movies. Westwood to design academic gowns for King's College London and has earned pretty much every award there is to earn for an artist in fashion.
Aufgabe 6
Drag the correct form of the verb into the corresponding gap to complete the sentences.
I wish earlier this morning. If I my place faster, my train. If I my train, I at work on time. I wish at work on time as my boss was really mad. I was told that if I late for work again, I given the sack.
Aufgabe 7
Match the words on the right with the corresponding statement on the left.
We've been married for over 40 years. Our marriage is long
Her brother-in-law is such a boring guy. I wish he was more fun
You need to buy some new jeans. These are really worn
His ideas of family are really old
My new job is fun but I won't make much money. I wish it was better
Last night our car broke down in the middle of nowhere. It was pitch
I like reading the papers and watching the news. I like to be well
He used to have such full and dark hair. Now he's grey
Aufgabe 8
Choose the correct form of the verb
Politicians are notorious for bending the truth. At a press conference in 1961 Walter Ulbricht was asked if the GDR to build a wall between the two Germanies. He claimed that no one any intention of doing so and that he of any such actions. Just a little later it emerged that Ulbricht when the wall was built in August 1961. Willy Brandt, then the mayor of West-Berlin, said in response that Ulbricht choke on this wall. More recent examples of politicians not telling the truth include Helmut Kohl. He claimed that the German reunification anything, while his opponent, Oskar Lafontaine, argued that it . The latest instances include such famous politicians as Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg who claimed he his PhD thesis all by himself and then was proven to have lied about that.
Aufgabe 9
Listen to the dialogue and put the instructions into the correct order.
Aufgabe 10
Listen to the audio and mark the correct answer.
What problem does the customer have with his computer?
What does the hotline agent find out about the customer's computer?
Aufgabe 11
Match the kind of TV shows to their definitions.
This kind of show is hilarious and comes in episodes and seasons.
In this kind of show people discuss issues.
This show is educational and explains or chronicles events.
This kind of show pretends to be real.
This show aims to find people who excel at something.
In these shows you can usually win something.
This kind of show brings you up-to-date on current events in the world.
This shows things that might be possible in the future.
Aufgabe 12

American Idol is a US talent competition first broadcast in June 2002. The idea behind the series is to find new solo recording artists. Winners are chosen by the viewers via telephone, Internet, and text messaging. In the show there is a panel of well-known stars who act as judges of each contestant's performance. Kelly Clarkson and Jordin Sparks were discovered in the show. In 2015, Fox announced that the fifteenth season would be the show's last as popularity has been declining for the last few years. There are many similar shows on TV all over the world so every year new stars are born.

Read the text and choose the correct answer to each question.
How are stars made in competition shows such as "American Idol"?
Why won't there be another season of American Idol?
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