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 1. Welche Antwort passt nicht auf folgende Frage?

"How are you?"

a) I'm fine.
b) I'm Sarah.
c) I'm very well.
d) I'm OK.

 2. Wie fragen Sie, ob es ein gutes Restaurant in der Nähe gibt?

a) There are lots of good restaurants near here.
b) Are there any restaurants in London?
c) Is there an excellent museum near here?
d) Is there a good restaurant near here?

 3. Wählen Sie die richtige Antwort auf folgende Frage. "What time's the next train to London?"

a) No, thank you.
b) You're welcome.
c) I'm not sure.
d) It isn't far.

 4. Vervollständigen Sie folgende Frage.

"How much ____ those trousers?"

a) are
b) aren't
c) there's
d) is

 5. Sie möchten lieber ein schwarzes als ein grünes Hemd kaufen. Was fragen Sie die Verkäuferin?

a) Has he got it in green?
b) Have you got it in black?
c) Have you got a black jacket?
d) Would you like it in black?

 6. Was kann man nicht essen?

a) sandwich bar
b) potato soup
c) grilled tomatoes
d) apple pie

 7. Vervollständigen Sie folgenden Satz:

She can't rent a car because she hasn't got ____ driver's license."

a) her
b) their
c) hers
d) your

 8. Wie bieten Sie jemandem etwas zu trinken an?

a) Do you like a drink?
b) Would you like a drink?
c) I'd like a drink.
d) What do you drink?

 9. Auf welche Frage passt folgende Antwort?

"Yes, I do. In Dresden."

a) Where do you come from?
b) Are you German?
c) Do you speak German?
d) Do you live in Germany?

 10. Welcher Satz ist richtig?

a) How long is the tour take?
b) How long do the tour take?
c) How long does the tour take?
d) How long takes the tour?

 11. Welches Wort ist das Gegenteil von "young"?

a) new
b) modern
c) famous
d) old

 12. Vervollständigen Sie folgende Frage.

" ____ you ____ a good time?"

a) Is . having
b) Are . have
c) Are . having
d) Do . have

 13. Welcher Satz passt zu folgender Aussage?

"She's always busy."

a) She's workaholic.
b) She's an workaholic.
c) She's a workaholic.
d) She works aholic.

 14. Welcher dieser Sätze ist ein Vorschlag?

a) Good idea.
b) Let's meet up this weekend.
c) Can I pay by credit card?
d) What's your phone number?

 15. Setzen Sie die richtigen Verben ein.

"When my son _______ on holiday in Spain he ________ at a cheap hotel."

a) was . stays
b) was . stayed
c) is . staying
d) does . stayed

 16. Die Antwort lautet: "No, I didn't. It rained all week." Wie lautet die Frage?

a) Did you have a good flight?
b) When did you get home?
c) Did you pack it yourself?
d) Did you enjoy your holiday?

 17. Was stimmt grammatikalisch nicht?

"Last weekend we _____________."

a) went shopping
b) went swimming
c) went for a walk
d) went up early

 18. Was stimmt?

Your brother's daughter is your .

a) niece.
b) nephew.
c) cousin.
d) sister-in-law.

 19. Vervollständigen Sie folgenden Satz.

"We could take our visitors to __________ pub in the town."

a) the most old
b) the most oldest
c) the oldest
d) the more older

 20. Wie fragen Sie, was jemand am Samstag vorhat?

a) What do you do on Saturday?
b) What is he doing at Saturday?
c) What are you doing on Saturday?
d) What do you on Saturday?

 21. Welchen Gegenstand findet man meistens nicht in diesem Raum: "Kitchen"?

a) cupboard
b) armchair
c) fridge
d) plate

 22. Welcher Satz ist keine Beschwerde?

a) The dishwasher's broken.
b) There aren't any problems.
c) The phone doesn't work.
d) There isn't any hot water.

 23. Welcher Satz ist grammatikalisch richtig?

a) What time do the next bus leave?
b) What time the next bus leaves?
c) What time does the next bus leave?
d) What time does the next bus leaves?

 24. Welche Reaktion auf folgenden Vorschlag ist richtig? "Let's have some wine."

a) I'm sorry, we haven't got some wine.
b) I'm sorry, you've got any wine.
c) I'm sorry, I haven't got some wine.
d) I'm sorry, we haven't got any wine.

 25. Was sollte ein Autofahrer lieber nicht machen?

a) follow the road
b) go across a bridge
c) go through a field
d) go round a roundabout

 26. Welches Wort passt in folgende Lücke?

"One of the people _____ came to the party lives in Scotland."

a) who
b) what
c) which
d) where

 27. Welches Wort beschreibt diese Person am besten? "She loves meeting people and talking to friends."

a) tidy
b) polite
c) sociable
d) patient

 28. Die Antwort lautet: "He's really kind and easy-going; a charming person."

Wie lautet die passende Frage?

a) What does he like?
b) How is he like?
c) What is he like?
d) What does he like doing?

 29. Vervollständigen Sie diesen Ratschlag.

"In summer you _______ drink a lot of water."

a) should
b) would
c) won't
d) could

 30. Setzen Sie die Verben in der richtigen Form ein.

"If you _______ these pills, you ________ better soon."

a) 'll take . 'll feel
b) take . 'll feel
c) won't take . feel
d) take . feel

 31. Sie nehmen einen Anruf entgegen. Welchen Satz würden Sie nicht sagen?

a) Would you like to leave a message?
b) Can I take a message?
c) Could you spell your name?
d) Can I leave a message?

 32. Sie haben nichts dagegen, dass man Ihr Telefon benutzt. Was antworten Sie auf folgende Frage?

"Do you mind if I use your phone?"

a) No, go ahead.
b) Yes, of course I do.
c) Yes, please.
d) No, I'm not.

 33. Vervollständigen Sie den Satz.

"I'm going to get fit again _________."

a) next year
b) when I was a child
c) every day
d) in the past

 34. Welche Verbform ist richtig?

"_________ you __________ their new song yet?"

a) Have . hear
b) Did . heard
c) Have . heard
d) Do . have heard

 35. Welcher Satz passt nicht zum Geburtstagsfest?

a) Have you sent a card?
b) Have you met the bride?
c) Have you bought a present?
d) Have you made a cake?

 36. Was passt in folgende Lücke?

"Chocolate isn't bad for you but _________ chocolate is."

a) not some
b) too many
c) not many
d) too much

 37. Welches Wort fehlt in folgendem Satz?

"They paid a lot of money for the tickets ________ they really wanted to go to the concert."

a) so
b) but
c) because
d) or

 38. Was sagt der Kellner im Restaurant?

a) Are you ready to order?
b) What do you recommend?
c) Can you bring us the bill, please?
d) Do you accept credit cards?

 39. Welcher Satz ist grammatikalisch richtig?

a) I been waiting here for two hours.
b) I've been waiting here for two hours.
c) I've been waiting here since two hours.
d) I wait here for two hours.

 40. Welcher Satz ist richtig?

a) TV is more popular as radio.
b) TV is as popular than radio.
c) TV is so popular how radio.
d) TV is more popular than radio.

 41. Vervollständigen Sie den Satz.

"A good businesswoman needs ______________."

a) make decisions
b) making decisions
c) to make decisions
d) to making decisions

 42. Auf welche der unten stehenden Fragen im Fundbüro ist dies die passende Antwort?

"I'm not sure, but I think it's leather, not plastic. Red leather."

a) Where did you lose your handbag?
b) What's your handbag made of?
c) Who made your handbag?
d) What make is your handbag?

 43. Welche Verbform stimmt?

"___________________ at the bus stop when somebody stole Peter's wallet."

a) They were waiting
b) They've been waiting
c) They waited
d) They've waited

 44. Welche Regel ist wohl nicht vernünftig, wenn man in einer Küche arbeitet?

a) You must wash your hands.
b) You don't have to wear a jacket.
c) You must not smoke.
d) You must bring your pet dog or cat with you.

 45. Welcher Satz ist grammatikalisch falsch?

a) This restaurant isn't as busy as the other one.
b) Indian food is very different from German food.
c) I think French wine is more expensive as Californian wine.
d) The prices here are almost the same as they are at home.

 46. Was fehlt in diesem Satz?

"Nobody else was free so she went to see the film _______________."

a) by herself
b) by her own
c) herself
d) themselves

 47. Welche Wortgruppe passt zum Thema Politik?

a) party, government, election
b) article, writer, career
c) medal, game, stadium
d) athletics, volleyball, swimming

 48. Welcher Satz ist grammatikalisch und inhaltlich richtig?

a) Munich, which is in New Zealand, is quite cold in winter.
b) A person who comes from New Zealand is called a Kiwi.
c) Munich, who is famous for its beer festival, is in Bavaria, Germany.
d) A person which comes from Munich is called a Bavarian.

 49. Welcher Satz ist grammatikalisch nicht richtig?

a) I'd like to do a painting course this year.
b) I love Scotland and I hope go there again next year.
c) I wouldn't go bungee jumping if you paid me a million dollars.
d) He won't come because he hates horror films.

 50. Wie trösten Sie jemanden?

a) Well done.
b) You really deserve it.
c) That's great news.
d) Sorry to hear that.

 51. Welche Verbformen sind richtig?

"When we ______ they _________ all the tickets."

a) have arrived . had sold
b) arrived . had sold
c) had arrived . sold
d) arrived . have sold

 52. Was fragen Sie nicht beim Einkaufen?

a) May I have the bill, please?
b) Does it come with a guarantee?
c) Can I pay in euros?
d) May I have a look at it?

 53. Jemand berichtet: "The doctor told me that if I took this medicine, I would soon feel better." Was genau hat der Arzt gesagt?

a) "If you took this medicine, you'll soon feel better."
b) "If you take this medicine, you'll soon feel better."
c) "If you had taken this medicine, you would soon feel better."
d) "If you take this medicine, you would soon feel better."

 54. Welches Wort beschreibt Folgendes am besten?

"A person who gets excited about what he is doing is _____________."

a) anxious
b) impatient
c) enthusiastic
d) talkative

 55. Welcher Satz berichtet diese Frage richtig?

"Where are you going?" They asked him.

a) where are you going.
b) where he is going.
c) where he was going.
d) if he was going.

 56. Welche Empfehlung stimmt grammatikalisch nicht?

"It's a fantastic film. You ______________."

a) should go and see it
b) must go and see it
c) ought go and see it
d) ought to go and see it

 57.Welcher Satz bedeutet, dass es keine Probleme mehr gibt?

a) There used to be problems.
b) There are problems.
c) There might be problems.
d) There refuse to be problems.

 58.Vervollständigen Sie diesen Satz richtig.

"If I hadn't written it all down, I __________."

a) would forget everything
b) will forget everything
c) forgot everything
d) would have forgotten everything

 59. Welches Wort passt in die Lücke?

My boss ____ me to lend him the book I had told him about.

a) made
b) asked
c) let
d) remembered

 60. Welcher Ausdruck passt nicht zum Abschied?

a) All the best.
b) We must keep in touch.
c) I haven't seen you for ages.
d) Look after yourself.



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